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Should we legally peruse our case on both fronts NCLT and Supreme Court through Review petition/PIL?
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REKHA Mishra's picture

Dear Gupta ji in our case Jaypee infra the commencement of insolvency date is 9.8.2017 and those who have filed within stipulated date their claims, they are already members of CoC and have voting rights as their claims are admitted. They have already received mail for voting from IRP and Kuldeep Verma our representative. Once their claim is admitted, can it be denieid later on .

Rajeev Gupta's picture

This insolvency law is in infancy stage unfortunately Jaypeeinfra has become the test case,so there is lot of confusion. Kindly wait for few days for official message from IRP.

REKHA Mishra's picture

Dear Mr Gupta, what IRP has said is correct. No need to file again if there is no difference in claim. What banks have said is about those who have not filed any claim form till date. pl read the relevant para carefully once again. if banks claim is correct then IRP is bound to inform us once again.

Regarding Mr Injeti Secretary Ministry of corporate, he is not the right person to comment on it if he is not the victim of JP. he may not at all be aware of the nitty gritty of present case if he is not the victim. he may be master of IBB, Insolvency law etc but smallest matters of jp may not be in his knowledge. he may be right that claim form should be submitted but he may not be aware of those who have already submitted form and irp also accepted their form. pl ask him whether they should submit again if irp has communicated so and so.

i shall be thankful if you could reply to my above points.

Rajeev Gupta's picture

As per information Associations are filing few applications in NCLT one on the issue of Voting and related issues and the other one about usage of Rs 750 Cr for construction purpose.I will recommend we should take up issue of interest rate,on the lines of the one taken in P&A letter to RP.Letter is available on this website.

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All members are requested to make following appeal to other HBs in their respective Groups and at other forums to join this website so that all of us can unite quickly before next round of voting.This is your website.You are also requested to post important information,news,Documents,Articles if you find them on your respective groups.
"A comprehensive common website for all HBs irrespective of project is ready and running.This website will be HBs website.We can post available useful information gathered from various sources and keep updating this web site, maintaining neutrality.

We also request all associations, groups and HBs to post the web links, messages and share information on this website for quick dissemination to all home buyers.

Please join and explore it,some of the content will only open after registration, some more changes are being done to improve it further.You may also have some suggestions.These can be shared for further improving it at my ID


Gp Capt Rajeev Gupta
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