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Should we legally peruse our case on both fronts NCLT and Supreme Court through Review petition/PIL?
Only SC
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Abhishek Shukla's picture

A point to be noted is that for all the votings which has happened till date, for appointment of RP there were approx 7000 votes and for the COC meeting decision there were approx 9000 votes. These voting figures have been below 10,000 count and it has been told that there are almost 25000 buyers.
First do 25000 buyers Exist?
Secondly if they did then apart form all the social media announcements, Television and Newspapers reachout why they are not been able to join any of the Watsapp group or FB.
Someone should verify these Nos as there could be bogus data or unsold inventory shown as sold by JP.
These kind of tactics are done by builders, so we need to authenticate the data

Aniruddh Sharma's picture

Has it been audited and/or concluded what did actually JAL do to JIL funds . Or where exact JIL funds vanished. I am no legal expert but logically speaking are we working on some end to audit where did JIL funds went. Can that exercise lead to prove some wrongdoing and probably JALs assests getting tied with JIL debt ?

Aniruddh Sharma's picture

Dear Sirs and Madam's - Forgive for my ignorance if this question doesn't make sense. I read in newspapers that ICICI bank suggested to Supreme Court to treat 'Jaypee Associates' s debt separate from 'Jaypee Infratech'. Here is the attached link.

Are we suggesting on some forum in a legal way to audit 'Jaiprakash Associates' whether they pulled out money from 'Jaypee Infratech' and whether both firms's properties be tied together and not treated as separate ?

Rajeev Gupta's picture

As of now SC has not accepted Home Buyers plea of financial audit of Jaypeeinfratech and disposed off the case.Now if HBs go in review petition and it is accepted by SC for hearing then only forensic audit of JIL or JAL is possible.Presently JAL is also in NCLT for resolution.

Rajeev Gupta's picture

I see most HBs are confused and divided with no signs of unity.Unfortunately legally this case has to be fought on two fronts simultaneously;SC and NCLT. One group led by Chitra ji can fight in SC with support of all home buyers and another group led by 10 As can fight it out in NCLT with support of all home buyers, keeping each and every Home Buyer informed .No one should see other as adversary but should be supplementary to each other morally,physically and financially.We can make a coordination committee for this purpose with one representative from each association and two/three representatives nominated by Chitra ji and two/ three active members from those who are not members of any association so far.These people can coordinate various activities and brief all members of action taken /planned to be taken on both fronts.Lets not forget this is a war in which various battles have to be fought on different fronts simultaneously for ensuring victory.


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