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ADMIN - Recording Member Details

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Shishir Yadav
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ADMIN - Recording Member Details

Admin, can we create a similar sheet such as was created in the Telegram group to record the details of the folks who have joined this group? Also, can set a validation for people to fill in the Google sheet once they join the group. This ways, we won't need to followup with people to fill in there details.



Anil Kr Singh
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Dear Shashak ji

Yes. That can be cretaed, but may not be required here.

By comleleing your profile page, by clicking right hand top icon, it will be equvalent to google page. 

Shishir Yadav
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Dear Anil Ji,

My idea for asking to create such as sheet was so that we can have an editable version of all HB's who are here. Apart from that, following are the reasons why we need such a sheet:

1. So that we can calculate how many people are from each project and tower.

2. To avoid numerous unnecessary communication between everyone and ensuring that our movement is more structured and coordinated, we need to identify points-of-contact in each tower of each project so that they can coordinate with the rest of the HB's in their own respective towers. This will ensure that people are more updated about upcoming activities.




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