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Appeal to the SC for loan interest waiver

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Lokesh Kumar
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Appeal to the SC for loan interest waiver

Dear All,

With ICICI bank also initiating proceedings to start insolvency against Jaiprakash Associates,we the home buyers specially those who have taken loans from same banks who are initiating Insilvency ,to pay jaypee are facing a unique situation.We are paying huge amount of interest to these banks and on the other hand they are acting against our interest of getting our property early , by initaiting the NCLT. I have discussed this matter with my lawyer who is of the openion that this point of the view of banks acting againt their own borrowers and getting benifitted with streched interest charges while the delivery of property is delayed ,has never come up before the court.So if we file our plea in the same case which is ongoing we might get a relief from the court of waiver of interest charges till such time the fate of these properties is decided.I am looking for like minded people who wish to join in this.My lawyer says if this petition is files by any association on our behalh it would have more impact.Can any one help .

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